I don't know about you but I am allllll about automating things so I can create more time freedom in my life and do more of the things I actually like to do.

Plus, I am a solopreneur who runs 4 of my own online businesses and blogs... by myself. I don't really want to be sitting at the computer all day every day slaving away at tedious tasks. After all, having your own business should be fun, and what's the fun in having to work ALL.THE.TIME?!

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers often wear a lot of different hats for a long period of time so it's essential for both your stress levels and sanity to find as many ways as possible to automate different areas of your business.

That being said, I've compiled a list of the 6 tools I use to automate my weekly workload. I hope this helps give you some of your time back so you can spend more time in your zone of genius, doing whatever it is you do best!


6 Tools I Use to Automate my Weekly Workload

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Instagram is all about creating a consistent and beautiful feed. With Later, I can visually plan and schedule my Instagram posts days or weeks in advance; I just upload the images I'm planning on posting and then drag and drop them to preview what my feed will look like. I then add my captions, add 30 relevant hashtags and I'm good to go!

Plan out your Instagram feed in Later | Whipped Dream Feminine Branding + Website Design

The best part is that I can now completely automate my posts on Instagram (before February 2018, I had to manually post them after I received a push notification... really glad they changed this!)


Auto publish on Later


Click here for a guide on how to schedule your Instagram posts.

In addition to scheduling out my Instagram posts, Later also allows me to schedule my Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter posts! Also automatically!

Interested? Check out Later's pricing plans here (free - $49/month).

Streak for Gmail

Streak is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that allows me to use canned responses (snippets) to reply to email inquiries in Gmail (I use Gsuite which gives me a branded email address + many more add-on features).

Canned responses are a HUGE time saver, especially when I'm getting the same questions over and over. I no longer have to type out the same reply every time... I just pick the saved canned response I want to use and hit send!

Gmail does have a regular canned response feature but I like Streak's a bit more because it gives me the option to categorize my responses and/or put them in a certain order if I want (which helps me keep on track with certain design processes.)

Streak's canned responses for Gmail

I also use Streak to track my emails and make sure they were opened by their recipient (they can't say they never received an email if I can see that they clearly did 😉 )

One of my favorite features about this tool is that I can schedule my emails to be sent later. This means I can write out an email whenever I feel like it (like on a weekend or outside of my regular business hours) and then just schedule it to send to the recipient at a later time and without having to think about it.

Before, I'd have to save it as a draft and then remind myself to send it later! My brain is already filled with too many things to remember... so this feature helps keep me (relatively) sane! 😉

Use Streak to schedule your emails to send later

Pricing plans start at free and go up to $99/month. Click here to see Streak's pricing plans.

Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is a solid, must-have WordPress backup plugin that is worth every penny! I don't want to have to remember to backup all 4 of my sites, simply because I probably just won't!

It's worth it to me to pay a service to automatically backup my websites often. This gives me more time freedom + peace of mind knowing I'm totally good if any of my sites go down.

I mean, I literally make most of my income through my blogs and websites, so if I lost any of them, I would be completely devastated! I'd probably have to go get a "job" and I definitely DON'T want to have to do that!

I schedule this plugin to automatically backup my entire site (database + all files) on a weekly basis but you could schedule it daily, weekly, monthly, whenever you want! It integrates nicely within WordPress and makes everything super easy!

Backup your database and website with Backup Buddy

Pricing starts at $80/year. Click here to see Backup Buddy pricing plans.


Boardbooster is a tool that allows me to automate a pinning schedule on Pinterest to help me get noticed more often and bring more traffic to my site.

Pinterest is a visual search engine (much like Google, but more image-based) and it has become one of the top 3 referrers for my website's traffic so I definitely want to continue this trend!

Pinterest is one of my top traffic referrers

Pinterest's algorithm favors active users (just like Google's algorithm with SEO) so it is recommended to pin a minimum of 30 pins a day, and preferably not all at the same time! Doing this manually on a daily basis can be quite time-consuming, so it's great that there's a service that will do that it for you!

Use Boardbooster to automate your Pinterest pinning schedule

Interested? Sign up for a free trial or pay $5-$50/month (I'm on the $5 plan). Click here for Boardbooster pricing plans.


SumoMe is a suite of tools that make it super easy for readers to subscribe to my email list, share my content, and grow my website traffic.

I personally love their list builder, social share and image share features, but they have all kinds of fun things you can get your hands on to bring more traffic to your site and create more conversions!

Make it easy for people to share your content using SumoMe's social sharer

I also love using it for content upgrades or for sending downloadable content. People just enter in their email and it sends them what they want automagically! 😉

This is a free tool, but there's an option to upgrade, which I recommend if you're trying to build your email list on autopilot! Click here to see SumoMe's pricing plans.


Grammarly is a free browser extension that helps you write mistake-free in Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, and anywhere else you write on the Web. It basically proofreads your work as you type!

Write mistake-free anywhere on the web with Grammarly

You can use the app itself to check any of your texts and articles for errors, or you can install the Grammarly extension to your browser and it’ll automatically run in the background and will notify you of any mistakes you’re making.

They offer a free plan as well as a premium plan with even more features.

Now Onto You

What are some automation tools you use on a weekly basis to help grow your biz or blog? Comment below and let us know!

With Love, Tara Tierney

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