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Let's get this party started by talking about how awesome you are

You are a smart female entrepreneur with a ton of drive, ambition, and passion for what you do. You followed your heart and started your own dream business or blog so you could do more of what you love, impact the lives of others in a positive way and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

When you really think about it, your version of success includes more time freedom, financial freedom, less stress and more happiness.

You're educated, you're experienced and you have bountiful amounts of unique knowledge and value to offer to a specific group of people.

You have one of those brains that is constantly filled with an almost overwhelming amount of ideas, big dreams and colorful visions (#entrepreneurbrain), however, when it comes to organizing it all and trying to communicate your value with the rest of the world, you feel a bit dazed and confused.

You dream of having a professional brand and website that feels like you

Tara Tierney | Brand + Business MentorHi! I'm Tara.

I'm great at connecting the dots and aligning the stars to bridge the gap between a dream and reality. My talent lies in visually communicating the value of what you do and how you do it in a way that not only feels like you but also attracts the people who need your gifts and talents the most.

In other words, you + me = DREAM TEAM.



I love connecting and building relationships with any kind of genuine and ambitious woman, whether she has a small business, an online business or a blog she dreams of turning into a business!

I absolutely LOVE seeing other women stepping into their own power, chasing their dreams and doing whatever it takes to cultivate a life for themselves that makes them feel completely happy from the inside out!

I prefer to work with women because, naturally, I can relate to them better, which makes our whole work process flow with much more ease. Efficiency and streamlining are BIG in my world so I always aim to provide clear, simple processes for detail-oriented and sometimes complicated projects.

In addition, I want my clients to feel heard, nurtured and empowered throughout the entire experience of working with me. And, I want to make it fun!

My end-goal is always to make sure my clients are 100% happy with their new brand so they can walk away feeling absolutely fantastic about the shiny new investment they have made for their business. 🙂

Once the project is complete, I enjoy building an ongoing relationship with my clients by providing support, following them on social media, and promoting them and what they do in any way I can!

My Design Style:

Feminine, cute, clean, bold, beachy, dreamy + colorful vibes.


"I was in search for a good graphic artist to help me launch my spray tanning business through logo and website design. Someone within my industry immediately reached out and highly recommended Tara at Whipped Dream. I had a quick (5 minute) phone conversation with Tara to discuss my needs and let's just say she had me at hello! I have never met anyone that basically "got me" or understood my goals, mission, design needs and then some from the initial conversation. AllI can say is that Tara is AMAZING and far exceeded my expectations with my logo and website design. She truly cares about your business and your success! She was on task (uses a project management app), thorough with communication, followed through with deadlines as promised and delivered the most UNBELIEVABLE product/design AND customer service! I have officially added Whipped Dream to my marketing team for my business! Her quality of design was above and beyond and I am so lucky and grateful for the referral because she's such a pleasure to work with on every level. Thank you so much, Tara - your feedback, guidance, timeliness in getting my logo/website done will help make my business more than successful than ever! You are a true ROCKSTAR!!!! Now onto business cards and then some! WOOHOO!!!!"

Shannon Gaines | Owner of Epic Tan - Scottsdale, AZ

Shannon Gaines | Epic Tan


Shannon Gaines | Epic Tan

Shannon Gaines | Owner of Epic Tan - Scottsdale, AZ


Your brand is not all about beauty... it has brains and heart, too!

To take your business to its full potential, you need a brand that is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. This means it not only looks professional and well put together but it also functions the way it should.

These are the kinds of brands I love to create

My goal is to help you create an effective system that will successfully communicate with your target audience and get you results. Without a system in place, you are just out there shooting aimlessly, hoping and waiting and wishing for clients to come to you (I've totally been there... it's literally a huge waste of time, money and energy!)

There's a lot of thought, research, and strategy that goes into a well-designed and professional brand, which is why I try to learn everything I possibly can about you, your business, your target audience and your goals before I begin the design process. This helps me better understand who you are and where you're coming from so that I can meet you where you're currently at and become the catalyst that will actually elevate your brand to that next level.

By combining my love of art and science + 15 years of experience, I will craft you a gorgeous brand identity and online presence that simply just works.


This includes all the things that make up the look and feel of your brand as a whole.

- Logos
- Color palette
- Fonts
- Signature branding elements
- Branded collaterals like flyers, business cards, rack cards, ebooks, etc.


This includes all the things that help you attract your ideal clients or audience online.

- Custom WordPress website
- Blog feature
- List building subscription forms
- Search engine optimization
- Branded social media profiles
- Website maintenance

Why Fit in When you Were Born to STAND OUT?

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