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The Client


The Brand

Dulla and Ari are a husband and wife team working as worldwide health coaches and living in San Diego. They help people get healthy and help other people help people get healthy!

Their Goals

Their goals are to have time freedom to be at home, to have financial freedom, and to be able to share the gift of what they do freely. They want to be an example of what’s possible through their company. Their purpose and why is their kids and their mission is to help other mothers build their own business from their kitchen table, so they, too, can have the freedom to be present and still be a bossbabe!

The Dullari brand helps people know they are worth it and their main message is that it only takes one yes, to unlock their best life. Whether mothers want just to shift their nutritional habits or also have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom working this side hustle from home, it starts with fueling the body (and mind) with intention.

Their Design Package Included

Brand Identity

  • Mood board + color palette
  • Logo design
  • Alternative logo designs
  • Favicon logo
  • Font combinations
  • Branding board

Branded Collaterals

  • Business cards
  • Birthday cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Lead magnet
  • Ad

Custom Website Design Elements

  • Website buttons
  • Call-to-action buttons
  • Headlines
  • Social media icons

Website Design + Development Features

  • Website design mockup
  • WordPress installation and configuration
  • Built on the Genesis framework
  • Uses the customized child theme Niche Pro
  • Custom CSS styling to entire website
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Page builder
  • Dynamic Instagram feed
  • Image slider
  • Social share icons
  • Pin it button
  • Favicon
  • Configuration of a SumoMe Pro account
  • Newsletter sign-up form with lead magnet
  • Registration form with autoresponder
  • Contact form
  • Back to top button
  • Local SEO keyword research + configuration of SEO on all pages
  • Site stats analyzer
  • Recorded training video

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Ready for the step-by-step walkthrough of their brand + website design project? Keep scrolling! 


Step 1: Set Up Project in Asana

I use Asana (a free project management system) to organize my client’s projects and keep all communication and files in one place. It’s a million times better than emailing back and forth because it ensures that nothing gets lost!

Every task I will be working on with my client is listed out in chronological order, so all they have to do is follow the steps! I also make sure to send a 3-minute video to help them learn how to quickly use it.

Below is a screenshot of what Dulla and Ari’s project looked like:

Dullari Project Asana

Before I began designing anything, I had Dulla and Ari do some prep work for me. Their tasks were listed out in the “Prep Stage” section of Asana, which included things like filling out a comprehensive brand questionnaire, filling up a brand inspiration board in Pinterest, gathering up any photos they wanted to use on their website, writing the copy for their website pages and supplying me with anything else I needed.

By having all of their content ready for me before I began the design process, I was better able to understand who they were as a brand and see their entire vision as a whole. This helped us move through the rest of the steps more efficiently and with less revisions, saving Dulla and Ari both time and money, and more importantly, creating designs that really felt like them.

When both the content and the design are all perfectly aligned, this creates a strong emotional response from their target audience, which helps create a deeper connection, builds trust and incentivizes them to take action.

Step 2: Brand Questionnaire

Dulla and Ari completed a comprehensive brand questionnaire that dove deep into the heart of their brand to help them uncover what their brand is truly all about down to it’s core. This included very specific questions about their target audience, their message, how they wanted their brand to look and feel, and whole lot more!

These answers not only helped them gain some major clarity but it also helped me get a better understanding of the direction I needed to go in once I began creating their brand identity, branded collaterals and website.

Step 3: Brand Inspiration

The next step was to create a mood board. This was another important first step in the development of their brand because it helped Dulla and Ari visually express their thoughts and define their brand in a way that words alone couldn’t quite convey.

To help me “see” what Dulla and Ari were visualizing, I had them pin a bunch of inspirational images to a secret “Brand Inspiration” board on Pinterest that reflected the overall tone and theme of how they wanted their brand look and feel. This included colors, fonts, patterns, textures, photos, and inspirational quotes, as well as a few logos they liked the style of.

The goal of their brand is to better attract and connect with their target audience: Tired moms who are looking to lose the baby weight, feel sexy again and have the energy to play with their kids!

The descriptive brand words they used to describe how they wanted their brand look and feel were: empowering, exciting and sexy.

Once they were done pinning their ideas, I looked for similarities between their images and then crafted together a collage of images that captured the overall essence of what they pinned, making sure to keep everything more on the feminine side. In addition, I also created a soft/feminine color palette to match.

Below is what I came up with.

Mood board Dullari

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Once we had a strong foundation in place, I had a much clearer direction to head in, which meant less guess work on my end. As I continued on with the rest of the branding process, I made sure to refer back to their brand questionnaire and mood board to ensure I was always staying in alignment with their goals and vision.

Step 4: Primary Logo Concepts

The next step was to design three unique primary logo concepts that helped convey their brand’s message. Dulla and Ari wanted a simple and modern circular logo that had both a handwritten font as well as a sans-serif font.

I thought a circular logo was a perfect way to symbolizes what they do because a circle represents harmony, totality, wholeness, nurturing, and the Self, which, down to its core is everything their brand is about!

Here are the three initial primary logo concepts I came up with:

Dullari Primary Logo Concepts

Dulla and Ari ended up choosing the third logo concept because they really loved the balance between the blue and pink, symbolizing that they are a husband and wife team. In addition, the use of both light and dark colors in a circular shape really strengthens the sense of balance and the whole of duality.

The fonts used in this logo are Goodies and Decalotype.

Step 5: Alternative Logo Concepts

Once we had the primary logo nailed down, I then used that one as inspiration for the design of their alternative logos.

Alternative logos (also known as logo variations) are essential to have for the simple reason that they’ll have more freedom of use with their logo. If they need to use their logo on a different color background or in a smaller space, they will now have a whole tool box of logos they can choose from!

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Below are a few concepts I came up with:

Dullari Alternative Logo Concepts

They ended up choosing the 1st one in row 1, the 1st one in row 2, and then the only one in row 3 (this logo will be used as their website’s favicon but it could also be used a submark).

When I packaged up the final files at the end of their project, I also created black and white versions of each logo and include a few different types of file formats so that they could use any logo for both web and print purposes.

I also included a quick guide on how to use each logo file so that they could know which ones were specifically for print purposes and which ones were specifically for web purposes.

The next phase was to create some branded collaterals. A few of these items were for marketing purposes and to help them build brand awareness, but we also created a few items that would help them stay connected with their current clients.

Step 6: Business Card Design

I designed double-sided business cards for Dulla and Ari using their primary logo for the front of their business card.

On the back of their card I used a photo of them with a blue overlay color to give off a feeling of transparency. The back of the card also included a border that matched one of their alternative logos and listed out their names, what they do, their phone number, email, website address and Instagram handle.

Dullari Business Cards


Step 7: Thank You Card Design

Their thank you cards were designed with the same transparent look as their business cards but I switched out the blue overlay color and replaced it with the cream color from their color palette. I also switched out the photo in the background and used the same handwritten font as their logo for the title to give it a more personalized look.

Dullari Thank You Cards

Step 8: Birthday Card Design

Moving on to the design of their birthday cards, I stuck with the same overall look of the thank you cards, but just switched out the background photo and changed up the text with their new message. I also added their signature in the bottom right hand corner to make it feel even more personalized and special.

Dullari Birthday Cards

Step 9: Lead Magnet Design

When a person visits a website for the first time, they are often not quite ready to purchase a product or service. Furthermore, if they end up leaving the website, roughly 70% of website visitors will never return.

To bridge this gap and help a business stay connected to potential customers or clients, a lead magnet can be a great solution. This is a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a PDF checklist, guide, eBook, case study, etc. that provides some sort of value for their target audience.

To receive this valuable piece of content, a person simply provides their email address and the lead magnet will be automatically sent to that email. The email address will also be automatically added to the businesses email list.

When people give a business their email address, they are expressing that they have some level of interest in their product or service and are therefore giving the business permission to connect with them further on a more personal level. By sending targeted emails directly to these “leads,” your business will stay top-of-mind with them. Then, when they feel like they are ready to purchase the kinds of products or services you provide, they will be more likely to choose your business.

To help Dulla and Ari build their email list, we designed a free 7-day workout guide together.

Below is what the first page looked like:

Dullari Lead Magnet Design

Step 10: Ad Design

I created an ad they can use on social media to promote what they do using their color palette and sticking to the same fonts.

Dullari Ad Design

Step 7: Website Concept Mockup

I began the website process by designing a mockup of their website in Illustrator, to make sure I was creating a style and layout that matched their vision. This first step is essential before I begin coding anything out on WordPress because it prevents me from spending too much time going in the wrong direction, therefore saving my clients time and money!

Step 8: Custom WordPress Website Design

Dulla and Ari wanted their website to feel simple, clean and modern so I intentionally used a lot of white space. I also made sure it was easy to navigate, intuitive and looked great on any device.

Since they do a lot of their online marketing using Instagram, their site also features a dynamic Instagram feed at the top. This feed automatically updates with any new photos they post so that their followers and target audience can stay up-to-date on their life!

Dullari Health Coach Website Design Homepage

View the live website

Step 9: SEO Integration

I did targeted keyword research for their local area to help them attract more mom’s who were looking to lose weight postpartum. I then optimize their entire website using these keywords to help increase their visibility on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. By ranking high in local searches they are better able to reach their target audience and bring local customers to their site who are ready to take action.

I also optimized all of their photos to not only help their website load faster but to also help with their visibility through Google and other search engines.

In addition, I also installed and configured an easy-to-understand plugin that allows them to view in-depth data on how many people visit their website, from where, how they found them, the search engine terms they used, and which posts, pages and links they clicked on. This tool is incredibly useful to have because it shows them exactly where they should be focusing their marketing efforts in order reap the biggest ROI.

Step 10: Branding Board

Once everything was designed, I put together a branding board for Dulla and Ari. This displays all of the finalized design elements of their brand on one sheet so they could see how cohesive their brand and website looked when everything was together.

A branding board is another important thing to have because it will help them (as well as anyone else who helps them with their marketing in the future) keep the look and feel of their brand consistent going forward.

Below is their branding board:

Dullari Branding Board

Step 11: Training Video

Once their site went live, we did a live 1-hour Zoom call together so they could learn how to use and update their website. The best part is that this was recorded so they are able to go back and watch it anytime they need some guidance!

My Feedback

I personally loved how everything came out and really enjoyed working with Dulla and Ari! They were always on point with everything I needed, which helped keep the project timeline on schedule. In fact, we were able to complete the entire project in just 4 weeks (they had about 2 weeks to prepare their content). That’s some amazing stuff right there!

Client Feedback

"Made the process so simple!! We love our website!"

Ari + Dulla Taalib-Din Testimonial | Whipped Dream

Ari + Dulla Taalib Din | Dullari


Ari + Dulla Taalib Din | Dullari

Ari + Dulla Taalib-Din Testimonial | Whipped Dream

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