If you host a group on Facebook, you may have noticed that your cover photo is looking a little "off." This is because Facebook changed the size of the Facebook group cover photo on November 27, 2017.

Along with this size change, there are parts from the top and bottom of the image that are mysteriously disappearing, but yet are still part of the image (??) And, depending on which device you're viewing it on, the image can look totally different.

Confusing, right?

All of that being said, it can be rather difficult to create a cover photo that looks great on any device, whether you're viewing it on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

So, being the analytical and curious girl that I am, I decided to do some research to figure out what was the best way to go about doing this. I did some finagling and ended up creating one that works perfectly!

And now I'm passing on the knowledge to you!

Keep reading to get some tips and guidelines on how to create the perfect Facebook group cover photo (using the new dimensions). Plus, feel free to download the free Facebook group cover photo template to help make things a whole lot easier on you when you're creating your own!

How to Create the Perfect Facebook Group Cover Photo + Get a FREE Template!

The New Facebook Group Cover Size

The new size is 1,640 px by 856 px.

Below is my new cover photo for my Facebook group Ambitious Unicorns, which includes the areas (in transparent purple) where it's best to not put any info. You want to leave 86 pixels free of content at the top and 230 pixels free of content at the bottom.

What My New Cover Photo Looks Like on Each Device

Desktop Facebook Group Cover 2018 Mockup
Laptop Facebook Group Cover 2018 Mockup
iPad Facebook Group Cover 2018 Mockup
iPhone Facebook Group Cover 2018 Mockup


If I didn't have some space at the the bottom, the text overlay that says "Ambitious Unicorns" and "Closed Group" would be on top of "Hosted by Tara Tierney" and "WhippedDream.com," making everything look a bit jumbled and messy. I was able to achieve a cleaner, more professional look simply by adding a space of 230 px at the bottom, clear of any text or graphics.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Template for Download

Right-click to save the transparent image below and use it as a template to help you create your own!

Directions on how to do this are below the image.

Social Media Template | Facebook Group Cover Template December 2017

How to Use this Social Media Template

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  1. Save the transparent PNG file to your computer.
  2. Open up PhotoshopIllustrator, SparkCanva or another design program that has layers.
  3. Create a new document that is 1,640 px wide by 856 px high.
  4. Open up the template in the same document and use it as a transparent top layer over your image to help guide you.
  5. Once you're done, delete the template layer and save your image.
  6. Upload your new image to your Facebook group!



Comment below with any further questions or things that I may have missed and I'll try to help!

With Love, Tara Tierney

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