Meet Tara Tierney

I created this page to help you learn a little more about the person you'll be working 1-on-1 with so that you can hopefully feel a bit more connected with me!

My name is Tara Tierney (my first name sounds like Sara, but with a 'T' and my last name sounds like TEAR - KNEE).

Ahem, now that we cleared that up... 😉

I'm a 30-something, introverted, creative entrepreneur with a colorful imagination and one of those brains that never seems to like to sleep (maybe can you relate?!)

With one part left brain (analytical, logical, strategic) + one part right brain (imaginative, creative, intuitive), becoming an entrepreneur in a creative field makes a lot of sense to me.

Ideas light me up, I love to think BIG, I love making things look pretty and I love having the freedom to mix my creativity with my problem-solving side. Basically, I like to make everything around me better.

I'm also an encourager at heart and love inspiring others to work on their own personal growth and development and pushing them to go after everything they want in life!

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25 Fun facts about me

  1. I quit my 9-5 job as a graphic designer at the end of 2012 to become an entrepreneur... and never looked back!
  2. I run 4 successful online businesses and blogs of my own (I guess that makes me a serial entrepreneur!)
  3. My first freelance business was called Citrus Squeeze Designs (I started it in 2003 right after college... didn't get very far with it though.)
  4. I've been blogging for 5 years.
  5. My personal blog was awarded as one of the Top 50 Passive Income Blogs in 2017 by Feedspot
  6. I started as an English major because I love writing.
  7. I have a Bachelors degree in Media Communications. 
  8. I have a professional background in Advertising and Marketing.
  9. I've been designing websites for over 15 years and even have a certification in Website design.
  10. I self-taught myself how to design custom websites on WordPress out of sheer curiosity and perseverance (took a while!) 
  11. My mom is a published author and small business owner, which is where I think I get my entrepreneurial gene from.
  12. She is also one of the best multitaskers and organizers around... which is also where I think I get it from.
  13. I'm obsessed with branding (obvs) and love walking around stores just to look at all the pretty branded products (Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works are my top two favs!)
  14. I'm originally from a small town in Massachusetts but moved to San Diego by myself in 2009 for the weather.
  15. I hate the cold. 😉
  16. I love the beach.
  17. I can snowboard and ski.
  18. I enjoy powerlifting and I can bench press 195lbs., squat 250lbs. and deadlift 270lbs.
  19. I played college soccer and continue to play a few times a week to this day.
  20. Thai food is my absolute favorite food (drunken noodles and Thai iced tea with BOBA!!)
  21. I love taking pictures of my food adventures and posting them on my personal Instagram.
  22. Taradactyl, Tare-Bear, and Taradise are a few nicknames I've acquired over the years.
  23. I'm not much of a phone person unless it's texting (must be an introvert thing)
  24. I love to travel and have been: all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands, Italy, Greece and the Greek islands, Scotland, England, and Turkey. Always on the lookout for my next big adventure!
  25. I'm a total dog-lover and actually do dog sitting on the side in other people's homes (great side gig for someone who can work from anywhere!)

If you'd like to get to know me more, check out my personal blog!

I was created to create

Being creative is both my passion and my obsession.

Graphic design, website design, writing, creating new businesses, developing new products... all I want to do is make stuff all day, every day. I am truly at my happiest when I'm in my creative mode. 🙂

I also get bored easily and constantly feel like I need to be doing something that makes me think and stimulates my brain. Rarely will you find me sitting around watching TV or doing anything that's unproductive. I have an intense desire to always be working towards something and finding ways to make improvements.

Additionally, I'm very detail-oriented and have a huge appreciation for custom-made stuff. That being said, I have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my creations. It's both a blessing and a curse. *sigh*

I have a curious soul

I'm addicted to all things that revolve around learning, growing and evolving. One of my deepest interests is psychology; I love trying to understand why people think a certain way or what makes them do what they do.

Speaking of psychology, I have discovered over time, that in getting to know myself and understanding my own personality, I have been able to substantially improve both my life and my business(es.) When I understand how I operate and why, I am better able to manage my behaviors and therefore make more logical decisions.

Getting to know myself has also helped me figure out what I'm naturally good at and what my true passions are. I am both an empath and have an INFP personality type, which probably explains why I like to spend a lot of time alone, thinking and creating. It's also probably why I tend to have a natural ability to understand other people, which helps a lot when it comes to bringing someone else's visions to life through branding and website design!

My love for simplicity

I feel deeply compelled to organize and create things that make everything easier.

Easier find. Easier to use. Easier to learn from.

This personally helps me to be more efficient, which helps me do things with less effort and in less time. That being said, I’m always looking for new ways to automate and streamline my processes in any way possible! And I'm a huge advocate of passive income!

I enjoy diving deep into things, however, doing tasks that I don't find fun just simply take up too much time. Since I like to work alone, hiring someone to help me has never seemed like an ideal situation to me. Finding ways to automate things and being more organized and efficient has given me more time freedom to do more of what I love.

How I became an entrepreneur

How I Created My Dream Biz + Freedom LifestyleRead my story about how I became an entrepreneur (after never wanting to have my own business), how I discovered my true passion and how I created the kind of lifestyle that gives me the freedom to be my own boss, live wherever I want and do whatever I want.

I hope my story helps you learn from some of the mistakes I made while also inspiring and encouraging you to keep chasing after your own dreams! I’ve learned that if you are persistent, patient and never give up, you’ll eventually be able to create your own dream job and a fulfilling life you absolutely love.

Everyone has a story. Use it to build your brand. Be authentic, be vulnerable, be truthful and most of all, be YOU.

Let's be friends!

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