A mood board (also known as an inspiration board) is a collage of images and text that captures the overall look and feel of your brand.

Below is an example of a mood board and color palette I created for one of my clients.

Mood Board Warm Colors | Love Mood Board | Curated by Whipped Dream


Creating a mood board is an important first step in the development of your brand’s identity because it helps you express your thoughts and define your brand in a way that words alone can’t always convey.

Essentially, it’s a visual way of communicating your brand’s core values, beliefs and culture, which helps me, as your designer, better understand your overall vision.

Once your mood board is complete, I’ll use it to guide me through the design and development process of your logo, website and any other marketing materials you may need.

If you need some help understanding branding, feel free to check out this post before you begin the Mood Board process: What is Branding + Why is it Important?


You are going to create a "Brand Inspiration Board" using Pinterest. Your job will be to create a secret pinboard, shared only with me, and pin images to that board that reflect the overall tone and theme of your brand.

Before you begin, you’re going to want to get out a piece of paper and jot down some notes (these are going to be used as a guide once you start pinning!)

Below are some questions you can ask yourself to help you identify some of the basics about your ideal audience and how you want them to perceive your brand.

Your Ideal Audience

  1. What is their age or age range?
  2. What is their gender?
  3. Are they married, single, divorced, dating? Does that matter?
  4. What is their occupation?
  5. What is their income level?
  6. Where do they live?
  7. Describe their personality.
  8. What are some of their strongest values? What is important to them?

Your Brand

  1. What is your brand’s mission or what is the purpose of your brand?
  2. What are the core values of your brand?
  3. Do you/will you offer any services or products?
  4. What is the tone of your brand? Write down some keywords that describe how you want your brand to look and feel. Ex: Simple? Clean? Inviting? Loud? Unique? Organized? Natural? Sexy?
  5. What colors do you see your brand using?
  6. Do you see your brand using any particular types of patterns, shapes or textures? If so, what are they? Ex: Circles, hearts, stripes, checkers, polka dots, rustic, etc.
  7. Are there any quotes that describe your brand’s philosophies or values? If so, list them.


1. In your Pinterest account, create a secret board called “My Brand Inspiration Board”

Once you've done that, invite me as a collaborator (my Pinterest username is “whippeddreamllc”)

2. Using your notes from above as a guide, start searching for anything that symbolizes the overall look and feel of your brand and then pin them to your secret board.

Take your time with this and remember to stay focused on your message. Try not to include images or words just because you like them. Every time you add something to your mood board, ask yourself, “Does this communicate my brand?” or “Is this something that my target market would find appealing?”

Aim to pin about 25-75 images and include things like: colors, fonts, patterns, textures, photos, inspirational quotes, etc.

In addition to your style images, pin some logo ideas to your board.

3. Write a description in the comments section of each pin as to why you included the pin on your board.

Ex; you like this particular shade of green because...   or you like the feel of this particular photo because...

Pinterest Comments for Mood Board

4. Once you have at least 25-75 pins, go back through them all and weed out anything that doesn’t quite fit.


1. Let me know you're ready for me to create your mood board.

I'll review your pins, look for similarities between the images and create a mood board that matches the overall look and feel of your "Brand Inspiration Board."

2. I'll then share this mood board with you.

If something doesn't look right, you can let me know and we can go back and tweak it until it does.

3. Once everything matches your vision, we'll move on to the next step: designing your logos!

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