If you know a female entrepreneur, small business owner or blogger who is looking for some help designing their own unique brand and website, send them my way and earn a 20%* referral bonus!

*Terms apply, please scroll down for more info.

Share the Magic Referral Program | Refer clients for branding or website design services, make a 10-20% commission!


You are already a client of mine, meaning you've done at least 1 design project with me.

Your referral must be a brand-new client, meaning they've never worked with me before.

Recommend any of my services and ask them to use your name as a referral.

You will earn a 20% referral bonus once they complete their project with me!


You will receive your referral reward once their project is complete and paid for in full.

If they are on a payment plan, you will receive a percentage of your reward with each payment they pay me.

Payment will be paid via PayPal or Venmo.

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