Top 4 Ways I've Been Finding New Clients Lately

So, over the past few weeks, I've been trying out some new marketing ideas I had to help me get more traffic to my site, connect with more female entrepreneurs and build up my list of clientele.

I've been getting a lot of positive results from what I've been doing so I wanted to share my findings in this blog post!

The best part? They literally cost me NOTHING... other than a little bit of time. 😉

Before I get into the details, I want to talk a little bit about marketing and why it's important to focus on getting more website traffic.

First of all, marketing doesn't have to be "salesy" (I hate anything salesy anyways... I am all about passive income and passive, non-pushy marketing).

I like to think of marketing as a way of putting a friendly little bug in peoples' ears about me and just letting them know who I am and what I do. This little "bug" is a way of reminding them to consider me when they start thinking about who could help them with their design projects.

Afterall, if people have never heard of me, how do I expect to get any business? In order to build brand awareness, I have to market myself and continue to put myself out there.

In addition to my marketing efforts, I also focus on getting people to visit my website.

Getting more traffic to my site means people start clicking around, checking out who I am and what I have to offer. If they like what they see, they usually contact me right away to work on a project with them. Other times, I may hear from them weeks later, once they've "shopped around" and have decided that I'm the one they want to work with (there's that cute little bug doing it's work!)

More traffic and more clicks can not only lead to more conversions (inquiries, booked projects, more business!) but it can also help increase my overall SEO rankings, which means I'll be more likely to be found organically (naturally and for free) in Google searches.

And hey, if it's free and it means I don't have to work as hard, I'm all for it! 😉

Ok, now that I've gone over that stuff, let's move on to the top 4 things I've been doing lately to find new clients. 



1. I've been interacting More in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are seriously becoming a gold mine for increasing my website traffic and connecting with new boss babes! Whenever I spend more time interacting in them, I also notice that I get a LOT more page views on my site.

For example, over the past 2 weeks, I've been spending a lot more time in various Facebook groups for female entrepreneurs (my usual groups plus a few new ones I joined recently to get in front of some new people).

I've been answering people's questions, sharing my opinions, adding links to my website and social media (when people asked to share them), and have just been trying to be generally helpful overall.

Check out my stats below to see how my pageviews skyrocketed over these past 2 weeks!

Page views on Whipped Dream - April 2018

You can see below that most of my traffic lately is coming from Facebook...

Facebook groups are driving traffic to my site like crazy!

Facebook groups are seriously AWESOME because they help me get the word out there about me and my business (for free!) and have been helping me build my reputation as a trustworthy and valuable resource for anything that revolves around design or marketing.

One of the coolest things is that even if the original poster isn't ready for my services, someone else may see the conversation and click on a link I leave, check out my stuff and decide that they want to work with me.

If I don't leave any links in a conversation, I find that people will often take initiative and go to my Facebook profile to find the links to my website in my "Intro" section in order to learn more. I love when they do this because it feels the LEAST "salesy" or pushy (afterall, they made the effort to come to me!)

Tara Tierney Facebook Profile

Last week I had someone tell me this:

"First, I want to let you know how I found you. My daughter is in a Facebook group with you. We have been talking about branding, etc. for some time now and she even posted an earlier version of my logo there before. It was trashed! LOL!! Anyway, when I was unsure of where to turn, she shared your site with me. She is thrilled that I’ve been in touch with you. In fact, she is so pleased with my initial reaction to you that she wants to include you in a list of vendors for her clients!"

How awesome is this?!

People are looking for you and the services you provide. Make it easy on them by letting people know about you and what you do in Facebook groups!

Three of My Current Favorite Facebook Groups:

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Beauty Business Babes

Creative Superheroes

In addition, I also like to let my clients know about my referral program, which helps them earn some extra money just by referring new people to me.

Referrals are awesome for all parties because there's a sense of trust there right from the beginning, which can help create better brand loyalty and higher profit margins in the long run. I've personally received a ton of referral business over the past few years, and absolutely love it because I usually get introduced to such great people! People I may not have known otherwise!

Plus, by rewarding a client for referring me, it gives them even more of an incentive to keep referring me. This means they do all the work by talking me up, which majorly cuts down on the time I have to get out there and market myself. And we all know that time is money!

2. I've started selling services directly from my website

I recently set up an e-commerce store on my site which allows people to purchase any of my premade logos or design services up front. This has been seriously BLOWING UP this past week with all sorts of new orders for various projects!

This is probably one of the best things I could have done for my business this year because it's been making it easier for my clients and potential clients to get the ball rolling.

In addition, it's been shaving off a ton of time and energy from my end because I don't have email back and for with them before they decide to pull the trigger. I also don't have to spend time manually creating a project agreement every time... the agreement is already included in the receipt (which automatically gets emailed to them once they make their purchase).

And the best part is that it gets me the money UP FRONT, which means I don't have to wait for it or chase anyone down for it! #winning

3. I've started following potential clients on Instagram

This past week I've had over 60 accounts start following me on Instagram!

I think this has a lot to do with the fact that I started searching for and following any female business owner I could find, focusing mostly on women in the beauty industry (because they are one of my biggest niche client groups.)

In addition, I also followed female bloggers, coaches, and other women-owned businesses.

I think it's important to focus on following anyone who could potentially use your services, instead of others who do the same thing as you, because you want to get in front of people who need what you offer.

For example, why would I follow a bunch of graphic and website designers and spend my time liking and commenting on their photos? They aren't the people who are going to help me pay my bills so it's kiiiind of a waste of energy.

You need to put more of your energy into the people who are going to potentially help you grow your business!

Once I started following more people I could potentially market to, I often found that many of them followed me back! When you have more followers on Instagram, it can help give you a little authoritative boost, which can help you look "cool" (even though you and I both know you actually ARE cool, people who don't know you yet have no idea how you could potentially rock their world.)

Think about this; if you go to an account that has 2,000 followers vs an account that has 100 followers, aren't you going to subconsciously believe that the account with more followers is providing something more valuable than the account with less? I know I believe this... I mean, they must be doing something right if all those people have decided to follow them, right?!

Now, to help me track where my new clients are coming from, I simply created a question asking how they found me in the check out area of my shop. And low and behold, many new clients have said they found me through Instagram! Who woulda thought?!


How did you hear about Whipped Dream?

Follow more potential clients who could use your services and see what happens! It really can't hurt! 😉

4. I've started doing more networking face to face

I've started getting out of more and going to social events where I could meet some new people, which is something I haven't done in quite a while. I've been really lucky lately because I keep running into all sorts of local boss ladies who, ironically enough, have been looking for someone to help them with their branding and marketing!

One thing I keep hearing from these women is how important it is for them to not only work with someone they feel like they can trust but to also work with someone who actually "gets" them.

Many of them have worked with male friends in the past, but they always felt that the men never really vibed well with them so they were never able to truly create their vision.

Hearing things like this makes me feel extra happy that I decided to rebrand my business last year so that I could focus more on helping female entrepreneurs. There is definitely a niche for women helping other women and I am ALL about empowering other women with my skills and knowledge because I truly want to see them succeed!

Anyways, I've started hanging out with more of these ladies lately and naturally forming new relationships with them. This helps me get to know them on a more personal level, which, in turn, helps me create better stuff for them overall! 🙂

Now Onto You

What are some of the top ways you find new clients? Comment below and let us know!

With Love, Tara Tierney

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