You probably started your small business or blog because you wanted to make a positive impact on a certain group of people who truly need what you offer, right?

But have you ever asked yourself if your brand is actually connecting with those people in the way you want it to? Does your brand communicate who you truly are, why you're unique and why you're valuable to those people?

If you constantly feel like you're spending all kinds of time and energy trying to "sell yourself" to people, it may be a sign that you need to invest a little more time and money (money is energy!) into developing your own unique brand identity.

Working with an experienced brand designer can not only help you dive deeper into the heart and soul of you band, but they can also help you create a professional and cohesive brand image of your own... one that will help you make stronger, more impactful and longer lasting connections with your dream clients!


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The simple reason why your brand is worth spending time and money on

Here are some things you might want to take into consideration when it comes to making better connections, making a bigger impact, and growing your brand with less effort!

There are people out there who need you

If the people who need you can't find you, their lives will continue to remain the same, unchanged.

Now, what if they do find you, yet within the first few seconds of landing on your homepage or scrolling through your Instagram account they somehow get a negative first impression. If you haven't taken the time to invest in your branding and everything looks kind of slapped together and unprofessional, people are going to judge you on this.

Here are some thoughts that might go through people's minds:

  • "This business seems like they are just starting out, and I don't want to be their guinea pig, so I'm going to continue to look for someone who seems more experienced, professional and credible."
  • "This business doesn't look super professional and put together... how can I trust that they can actually help me?"
  • "I'm not even sure what this business does because their stuff is all over the place! Next!"

You have less than 8 seconds to capture your audience's attention. By having a professional-looking brand, you are showing people right away that you are serious about your business and what you do isn't just a side hobby.

Not only that but your brand should use a specific color scheme and certain images that evoke a particular emotional response from your ideal audience. Check out some of these Mood Boards I've created as an example!

If your brand markets to #girlbosses who want to level-up in business, you're probably going to use a different color scheme and different images than a brand who markets to people who are looking for organic food recipes. I'm thinking pink, black and gold with images of girls wearing heels VS greens, browns and oranges with images of healthy, natural foods. Make sense?

All that being said, to make a bigger impact on the people who need you the most, you need to communicate who you are, why you're unique and what your value is in a way that stands out, appears credible and trustworthy and connects with your people on an emotional level.

To achieve this, you need to invest in professional branding.

If you aren't willing to invest in yourself and your business, how can you expect others to invest their time and money into you and your business?

Time is a currency and the most expensive one at that. Once it's spent, you can't get it back!

As an experience brand designer, my gift to YOU is to save you both time AND money by helping you create a strong brand that not only tugs on the heartstrings of the people who matter the most but also helps you create the kind of healthy, thriving business and life YOU deserve.

If you are READY to take your branding seriously and want to create something you can truly feel confident and proud to promote, we should totally connect! I'd feel absolutely honored to become part of your DREAM TEAM and assist you in creating the kind of branding that will help you build your dreams and reach your version of success sooner!


Ready to Create Your Own Unique Brand Identity?

I got you, girl.

Feel free to learn more about what I do, check out my design services or reach out to me for a quick quote!

With Love, Tara Tierney

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